Jane O'Neill
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that joke about the rug matching the drapes (2015)

steel mesh fireplace curtain, mirrors, ceramic tile sheets, contractor paper, spray paint on paper, 40 x 52 x 2 inches

intergalactic cultural appreciation appropriation assimilation (2015)

acrylic, spray paint, colored pencil, Discover card envelopes, ribbons, plastic, bikini top, ceramic tiles, 42 x 55 x 1 inches

supermoon with nesting tables and rocks (2015)

painted silk, spray painted and screenprinted papers, gold leaf on cardboard, gold ink, fabric and credit card mailer paper collaged onto digitally printed Rives BFK paper, 10 x 14 inches

nesting tables with plant, sculpture and really interesting rocks (2015)

colored pencil, papers fabrics and credit card mailer paper collaged onto digitally printed Rives BFK paper, 10 x 14 inches

liquid gold (2015)

spray painted paper and vellum with gold coated plastic, 20 x 30 x .5 inches

signals (2015)

spray painted vellum and papers, 20 x 24 inches

speaking jewels to a perfume ghost (2012-2014)

spray paint, acrylic, fabric, mylar, plastic, clay, sequined elastic, beads and paper, 15x18x1 inches

still life with nesting tables (2014)

hand-screened silk, Dwell magazine spine, American Express and Discover envelopes, photograph, plastic, spray paint, oil paint and colored pencil on paper, 10x17x1 inches

stuff i did on a spiritual journey (2013-2014)

spray paint, digitally printed paper, acrylic, fabric, wire, metal fragment, cardboard and paper, 14x15x1 inches

bathing in waters salted by the heads of ancient gods and poets to purify my family while on vacation (study) (2013-2014)

spray paint, acrylic, gold leaf, fabric, mylar, clay, cardboard, and paper, 18x20 inches

waiting for priapus at sunset with a fiber optic lotus (2013-2014)

spray paint, acrylic, gold leaf, fabric, tracing paper, sequins, wood veneer, mylar, clay and paper, 16x22 inches

aquarium study (2012)

silk, airbrush ink, acrylic ink and spray paint on paper, 18x24x2 inches

bather (study) (2012)

spray paint, acrylic ink, screenprinted papers on paper, 8.5x11 inches

geodes and landscape (2011)

inkjet on paper, acrylic ink, cardboard and plastic on paper, 8.5x11; 5x7; 8x10x2 inches

this guy (2011)

glass, acrylic, ink, tinfoil, styrofoam, spray paint and housepaint on paper, 8.5x11 inches

those girls (2011)

silk, acrylic, ink, fabric and cutout on paper, 8.5x11 inches

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